Make huge Money Using Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies

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I Show You One of The Methods That Helped Me To Make Huge Money Only Using Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies:
Trading with high drops within one day.

I show You how did I make 30% profit every month. Do not worry if You are completely beginner in this topic, You will understand everything, because I will explain You everything.

Just like in any other businesses, it is very important in case of cryptocurrencies to minimize the risks.

Therefore, I invested my money to the 3 main fields of the world of cryptocurrencies, significantly lowering the risks. The total amount spent on the crypto business is the 30% of my savings. I never invest my complete cash or use bank loans, this is my principle!

I invested the 60% of my money separated for cryptocurrencies into this methods.
Trading with high drops within one day

This is a very-well working, safe strategy making extra high profit.

The brief point of the strategy is that if 1 coin drops 7% or more within 24 hours, then a correction is expected with high probability, thus its exchange rate will rise.


Preconditions of the strategy

Use this strategy only and exclusively for the following coins:
BTC (Bitcoin)

ETH (Ethereum)

BNB (Binance Coin)

Use this strategy only on these coins, since these coins have the highest market capitalization.

These coins always achieved ATH (All Time High) again after big drops, so they always achieved the previously highest currency rate by time.

You must use this strategy on only such amount, which You certainly don’t need on the long term.

This is a very important criteria, because if You have already purchased a certain coin, and its exchange rate might drop further, and You instantly need the amount, then You can withdraw it only with loss. But if You don’t need the amount that You trade with, then You can wait until the exchange rate achieves the target price.

Simply saying, You might lose using this strategy only when You are impatient and withdraw your money before the achievement of the target price. You will win in every other case.
Use of the strategy step-by-step.

As the first step, You have to open an account at Binance. Binance is the world’s biggest crypto stock exchange.
Create a free Binance account:

In order to get notified anywhere and anytime on that a coin dropped 7% within 24 hours, You have to download the ‘Binance App’ to your smartphone.

After installation and launching the ‘Binance App’, click on the ‘Markets’ button.

Then click onto the ‘Search Coin Pairs’ field.

Then type in the 3-digit ID of the cryptocurrency. For example: ‘BTC’.

If You do not know the ID, then click on the certain cryptocurrency on the CoinMarketCap website, and it will show up.

Then select the ‘BTC/USDT’ pair.

Then click on the ‘Alert’ button.

Then select the ’24H change is down’ option.

Then type to the ‘Value’ that ‘7%’, and select ‘Always’ at the ‘Frequency’, then click on the ‘Create Alert’ button.

You are ready with setting up the notification. Now your smartphone will notify You if the BTC’s exchange rate drops 7% (or more) within 24 hours.

Now set up the notification for the other two coins (ETH, BNB).

If your smartphone notifies that a particular coin dropped 7% within 24 hours, then buy more from that coin. If such an event occurs that let’s say two drops from the 3 monitored coins within 24 hours, then use the 50% of your money to buy from the first one, and 50% to buy from the second one.

After buying the particular coin, immediately set up at ‘Binance’ to make the system automatically sell it at +7% of the purchase price. Therefore, You will have 7% profit.

You bought Bitcoin at the price of $39,500, since its exchange rate dropped 7% within 24 hours.

Then the sale price is:
39.500 + 7.2%

I charged +0.2% on the 7%, because this way all exchange rate costs are covered.

So now You can set up to automatically sell the BTC at the price of $42,344.

No I am using the ‘Binance’ in the browser (not using my smartphone), since it’s much more convenient to setup here.

Click onto the ‘Trade / Spot’ menu section.

Then type in the 3-digit ID of the cryptocurrencies.

For example:

Then select the ‘BTC/USDT’ pair.

Select the ‘Limit’ option.

Add to the ‘Price’:

Then click on the ‘Sell BTC’ button.

Ok, You are ready for now.

You can check your open orders at the ‘Spot Order’ section.

Here You can see that ‘Binance’ will automatically sell the BTC when it achieves the price of $42,344, and You earned 7% on this trade.

It’s worth to set on your smartphone to make the ‘Binance’ notify when the BTC’s price achieves the price of $42,344, so You will know that the order was completed.

As You can see, this is a very simple, but perfectly working strategy. If You don’t want to spend much time with trading, sitting in front of your computer and watch the charts, then this is the perfect strategy for You.

So I made much money with it, You just have to follow those rules that are described. I manage to close such a position 3-4 times in a month in average, which means 30% monthly profit due to the compound interest.

The key is to be patient. Sometimes a position is successfully closed within the same day, sometimes within 1-2 days. But it might even occur that the exchange rate drops further. In this case You should wait with patience until the target price is achieved.

Don’t forget!

Using this strategy, You may lose only if You close a position when it is actually in minus.

Have a good luck!

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Where can I store my purchased coins:
In the next e-mail, I am going to tell You how You can store your Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies safe and secure.


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