4 Signs of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Scams!

by | May 26, 2022 | E-Business & E-Marketing | 0 comments

There are many Bitcoin and cryptocurrency scams!

This is not the fault of cryptocurrencies. It’s simply that people still know very little about them, and others take advantage of that lack of knowledge.

BE CAREFUL, if You encounter these things:

Never share your private key with anyone! The Bitcoin wallet ID is NOT identical to the Private Key! NEVER share your private key with anyone who tells You that it is required to send money! NO, IT IS NOT! If You provide your private key to someone, then he will take your crypto-wallet.

Never believe anyone telling You that You can X30 your money with crypto-mining within let’s say 7 days. I am not going to go into details, but this is simply impossible. Then they ask You to transfer your personal money to his Bitcoin account, and he will pay You the profit after 7 days.

Do NOT believe such things!

Bitcoin mining is a very good and yielding opportunity, but You can NOT X30 your money within 7 days, and money shall be never transferred to a private person.

Be careful if You are asked for anything in e-mail, which they can gain access to your crypto-money with. For instance, they ask You to provide your private key, or your password used on the crypto stock exchange for confirmation purposes, etc.

Service Providers NEVER ask for such things, so never send this data to anyone via e-mail!

Note what kind of website You use. Scammers often register a domain with one character mixed up, which looks exactly the same as a well-known crypto stock exchange, and they ask You to log in to that site. So always check the domain name, and whether You log in to the right website.

Always install antivirus software on your computer to secure your data. I use the ESET Smart Security Premium, which has a 30-day-trial version too.

Do not let yourself get scammed!

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